Wednesday, March 20, 2013

FACT or no FACT- City Attorney

..."Council has not requested that I respond to your questions. If they do, I will be happy to do so...." 

S. Mujeeb Shah-Khan- CITY ATTORNEY

Does this mean that the City Attorney has to obtain approval from council before he can answer any constituents' questions or just the DGI ones ?

Excerpt form the original question:

According to the "Addendum to Contract for Services between City of
Greensboro and Downtown Greensboro Inc., Exhibit A states:
"in exchange for the City of Greensboro's financial support in the amount of
$103,500, during FY 2011-12," DGI agreed to offer the City of Greensboro
services "in a non-partisan manner" including;

I. "Provide for the professional management of various programs and projects
that may be initiated by DGI and/or funded through city grants.  This
management includes program oversight and general accounting"

J. Other services that may be required and agreed to between DGI and the
city of Greensboro

If DGI is already being compensated for the "professional management of
various programs and projects... including general accounting" and Other

Is it Legal for DGI to charge additional management fees or other undisclosed fees out of the :
- Clean and Green Service contract with The BUDD group -Not Disclosed
- Center City Park's Pass through funds destined for maintenance - Not Disclosed
- Enhanced Projects and services contract- disclosed but claimed that it was to cover financial auditing."...


  1. Well I guess it's back to the NC School of Government once again, Dang.

  2. Billy, Thanks for being the first commenter ever on Dang! As it stands, the only way we will get an answer is to get one of the council member to ask the question of Mujeeb.