Friday, March 22, 2013

How Do You Say... Young Professionals?


During last council session, a group of Young Professionals emerged suddenly, almost conveniently. 

The  group wrote a white paper reaffirming some well known downtown needs while endorsing  a couple of fresher ideas . 
From increased diversity to a downtown Incubator, the group made a visible impression on our Mayor...In fact Mayor Perkins was so impressed, that he almost immediately created a special committee to work with the group on Downtown's future.

So who are these Young Professionals joining the cause for the (r)evolution of Downtown Greensboro?

Here is what I know...

The N&R identified the Young Professionals as follow:
” Leaders of the groups SynerG Young Professionals, Greensboro Jaycees, the Future Fund, Face to Face and the young lawyers section of the Greensboro Bar Association. "

"synerG is staffed by Action Greensboro’s Director of Projects, Cecelia Thompson."  
“...synerG, under the umbrella of Action Greensboro, is an active organization of young adults who lead initiatives with the mission to attract, engage and connect young professionals to Greensboro, North Carolina. 

The organization lost its relevance and was recently plagued by a financial scandal. Characterized as politically savvy, in need of a positive collaboration.

Future Fund
"The Future Fund was started in 1999 by the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro". 
The Future Fund was instrumental in raising money for the Jaycees.

Face to Face
Probably the only credible grassroot organization of the bunch. It was started by Donovan McKnight, a good and creative guy…the kind of guy that is indeed good for downtown to have around. He also serves(ed) on one of the DGI committees so he has seen first hand what not to be.

Young Lawyers section. of the Greensboro Bar Association
 "To serve as professional group to help new and young lawyers of the Greensboro Bar
 Association meet other lawyers and serve the greater Greensboro community."

In Summary:
-Tim Tsujii ,the group's co chair,  is a board member of Action Greensboro's operating group along with Ed Kitchen, Ken Mayer, Denise Turner, Walker Sanders and Susan Shwartz to name a few.

-Action Greensboro is SynerG and SynerG is Action Greensboro.

-Cecilia Thompson works for Action Greensboro, and heads synerG. She also used to work for the Community foundation and, to her credit, is solely responsible for bringing the food trucks downtown.

-Future funds was started by the Community foundation

-The Community foundation is pushing hard for the GPAC 

 -The Young Professionals advocate for "large transformative projects – the Downtown Greenway, Downtown Performing Arts Center and Downtown University District"


What is the group's position on the current downtown divisive issues such as the Noise Ordinance and Entertainment Facility use ordinance? 

White Paper here


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