Saturday, March 30, 2013

Does it have to be so difficult?...I mean really...?

 I asked the following legitimate question on a previous post.

If DGI is already being compensated for the "professional management of various programs and projects... including general accounting" and Other Services...

Is it Legal for DGI to charge additional management fees or other undisclosed fees out of the :
- Clean and Green Service contract with The BUDD group -Not Disclosed
- Center City Park's Pass through funds destined for maintenance - Not Disclosed
- Enhanced Projects and services contract- disclosed but claimed that it was to cover financial auditing."...

The city attorney responded that he could not answer my question unless he was directed to by council, and then, sent me this last , very cordial email:

"Mr. Robert:

Regardless of whether or not I am asked by the Council to answer your DGI-related questions, to the extent you've posed questions asking if something is "ethical," that's not something I can answer for you.  The questions I can answer are whether or not something is legally permitted.  You or DGI would have to make a determination of whether or not the conduct is ethical.  I expect that you and DGI would have different opinions on this.

Have a good evening."

Fair enough, the city attorney is doing his job, so I then proceeded to ask our city manager and 8 out of our nine council members to ask the question on behalf of a tax paying downtown resident/property owner:

" Mr Mayor, Council Members, Madame Manager and City Attorneys,

In an attempt to eliminate further  speculations, I am respectfully submitting the following questions to you hoping that you will direct the city attorney to clarify the city's legal /official position regarding DGI recently uncovered "creative" accounting practices. "

I guess they are all too busy revamping DGI  to address a simple question...  or maybe we already know the answer.  Shame on them for now... If we allow this to continue, it will be shame on us in November. 


  1. Not me... I would not be good at it as I do not possess the necessary political or diplomatic skills.

  2. Why did Shah-Kahn decline to say whether something was ethical when your question was if it is legal?

  3. Anon, the original question was a two-part question... Is it legal? and then is it ethical? I understood that (as he stated), it was not up to him to professionally determine if something is ethical or i dropped the ethical part of the question when addressing council. I asked the UNC school of government the ethical question instead who agreed that based upon my narrative, " there could be cause for concern".