Sunday, March 24, 2013

Is it really about noise?

Posted by Don MooreDate: Saturday, March 23, 

2013Baseball Season opens in a few weeks. While it is rare that a game goes beyond 11 PM. I am sure the additional traffic, noise, weekend fireworks bothers someone. I attend most games (I am not Grasshopper GM); and can hear the stadium's PA for blocks. It seems that some folks are complaining about the "type" of noise - not the noise itself.


  1. I believe Roy doesn't want potential condo owners to see black people on top of buildings when they look out from Center Pointe's decks.

    I understand he said as much in a meeting with Robbie, Zack, Nancy Hoffman and rooftop club owners, except for Lomax.

    Lomax appears to be exempt.

    He hosts white people who play white music on the Terrace, so that's cool.

  2. I don't disagree with anything I've read so far but could it also be about WHO hears the noise? Fisher Park is most effected by the stadium noise and much of Fisher Park is no longer the exclusive neighborhood it once was having been converted to many rentals and boarding houses who might not be considered as important as the residents of Roy's ranch house.